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Online shopping has made it easy and often less expensive to purchase virtually anything from the comfort of your home. Of course, PAP machines and supplies to treat sleep apnea is no exception. Although the perceived cost savings of purchasing online may seem like an advantage, keep in mind that the value of purchasing through an established sleep clinic should be a consideration in your buying process.

As Registered Respiratory Therapists and Certified Sleep Technologists at Aveiro Sleep, our job is to make sure you are benefiting from PAP (Positive Airway Pressure) therapy. With supplies from online retailers, we lose the ability to ensure you get the appropriate equipment, fit and therapy you require to maintain your optimal sleep heath.

Why you should purchase your PAP machine and supplies from Aveiro Sleep:

Lifetime of Service

  • When a purchase of a PAP machine is made through Aveiro Sleep, we monitor your therapy and provide service for life. This means there is no cost for any follow-up appointments, ongoing care, and we can monitor your sleep data to ensure your therapy is as effective as possible. If you purchase through an online retailer, we do not have the ability to review your sleep performance and provide ongoing assistance.

  • Our clinicians are experts in troubleshooting concerns and issues related to your care and equipment. This includes ideas and suggestions to make PAP therapy more comfortable,  technical fixes, or if it’s easier to connect with an in-person visit to a clinic or a virtual appointment.

  • Proper mask fit – It’s absolutely essential that your PAP mask fits properly to prevent leaks and unnecessary irritation. Often people choose their size or mask style incorrectly and it can negatively affect the effectiveness of one’s therapy. Having a trained sleep professional try different options on you can save you time and money from choosing the wrong mask.

  • Product advice and updates are regularly monitored and communicated to all patients.


Potential Dangers of Purchasing Online

  • Counterfeit products – Not limited to purses and apparel, even sleep apnea supplies are replicated and being sold as counterfeit or knockoffs. One example includes a patient who purchased filters through Amazon. The package was labeled as a top selling brand of filters…however the filters clogged and compromised the patients’ therapy. Upon further investigation, the filters turned out to be counterfeit.


  • Buying online can be dangerous because you have no idea where these products are stored. PAP machines and equipment are medical devices and as such, require stringent safety measures and storage in a sanitary environment. Aveiro Sleep is certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta as an Accredited Sleep Medicine Diagnostic Provider, and as such, has been verified through in-clinic assessments of our adherence to the highest level of safety procedures.


  • Refurbished equipment – Be aware that there is potential to buy equipment you may think is brand new, but in fact has been used. We have experienced this first-hand when a patient thought they bought a new PAP machine, however when our clinician checked the equipment usage log, there was hundreds of hours recorded. Just like mileage on a vehicle, there are a certain number of hours or lifespan on a PAP machine. As a consumer, if you think you are getting a new machine you should expect a certain life span of the equipment. Moreover, you have no idea what type of sanitization methods, if any, were used before reselling it.


  • Warranty – ensure you check the warranty policies of online retailers. Often there is a shorter warranty period and they do not assist in getting a replacement or repair from the manufacturer. At Aveiro Sleep, we ensure that you will never be without a PAP machine while you wait to get a replacement or repair.


Final Thoughts

Your sleep apnea therapy is just as unique as you are. As appealing as it is to save money and order your equipment online, please consider the value of purchasing through Aveiro Sleep. Our network of clinics and Registered Respiratory Therapists and Certified Sleep Technologists are an integral part of your therapy outcome. Together we can help you achieve success with your sleep health goals!


Aveiro Sleep provides Home Sleep Apnea Testing, CPAP therapy and support services catered to obstructive sleep apnea. Our local clinics allow us to test, treat, and support thousands of Albertans close to their homes.

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