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Many people don’t know why they are so tired during the day, experience memory loss, morning headaches, or other related symptoms that affect wellness. You may think that you get enough sleep every night because you go to bed at a reasonable hour and get at least 7 hours of sleep.  However, you may not be aware of the interruptions to your sleep. Quality sleep is essential to overall health and has a huge impact to how you feel when you are awake.

How can you tell if your sleep is the problem?

Loud snoring and long pauses in breathing during sleep are strong indicators that you’re not getting quality sleep. However, unless there is someone who has observed these signs, it may go unrecognized. Moreover, just because snoring is commonly associated with an underlying sleep condition, doesn’t mean it’s always the case. An individual can have an underlying sleep condition and not snore.

Undergoing a Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT) is easy and can be done in the comfort of your own bed. The HSAT determines whether you have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), a serious condition where the airway collapses during sleep and prevents oxygen to flow freely through the airway. OSA causes repeated interruptions to the sleep cycle and reduction of oxygen level.

Consequences of leaving OSA untreated

Besides the immediate effects of OSA including fatigue, memory loss, mood swings, and trouble concentrating, the long-term effects of untreated OSA can be severe. They include:

  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Weight gain
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Decreased sex drive

How to take a Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT)

1) Obtain a Referral from a physician

Talk to your physician about your health concerns and see if an HSAT is appropriate for you. You can bring or reference this referral form when talking to your physician. (Aveiro Sleep Services Referral Form)

2) Pick up your sleep testing equipment

Upon receiving the referral from your physician, the Aveiro Sleep team will contact you to set up a time for you to pick up your sleep testing equipment and provide instructions on how to use it. Take the equipment to your home, get comfy, because the next step is…

3) Sleep!

For people that are already struggling to sleep, trying to get some shut eye with the testing equipment and sensors can sometimes be a challenge. Don’t get discouraged! We need roughly 4 hours of recording time to gain enough data on your sleep performance. This doesn’t mean 4 hours of solid sleep, just that you have the sensors on. It’s only one night, you can do it!

Check out the instructional video at the bottom of this article to see what exactly you would have to do for the test.

4) Return the sleep testing equipment

 Give yourself a pat on the back for getting it done.

5) Results

Once we receive your sleep testing equipment, we will download the data from the test and send it to our CPSA-approved Interpreting Sleep Physician to determine whether you have Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and if so, how severe. We will communicate the results to you and your physician. In general, it takes about 5 – 7 business days to receive the results.

If it has been determined that you do not have OSA, then your physician will determine the next steps. We thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your health journey.

If you have been diagnosed with OSA, your physician will advise you on your options for treatment and may provide a prescription for CPAP therapy. Your Aveiro Sleep or Sleep Medix clinician will support you along the way with explaining how CPAP therapy works, demonstrating the equipment, and answering any questions or concerns you may have.

 sleep apnea test aveiro


Instructional video for HSAT


Be knowledgeable about Home Sleep Apnea Testing

  • In Alberta, a referral from a physician is required for a Home Sleep Apnea Test.
  • Each province has unique regulations related to Home Sleep Apnea Testing. For example, in Alberta, all sleep providing offering HSATs need to be accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta by December 31, 2021.
  • Aveiro Sleep and Sleep Medix are Accredited as Sleep Medicine Diagnostics Providers by the CPSA.
  • CPSA Accreditation ensures:
    • Highest standards of care through best practices.
    • Independent assessment and evaluations.
    • Staff have been trained and assessed for compliance of patient safety and quality care.
    • Ongoing process improvements.
    • HSAT interpretations conducted by CPSA-approved interpreting Physicians.

Aveiro Sleep provides Home Sleep Apnea Testing, CPAP therapy and support services catered to obstructive sleep apnea. Our local clinics allow us to test, treat, and support thousands of Albertans close to their homes.

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